Work/life balance out the window

With a solid reputation, a loyal customer base and over 23 years in the building industry, owners of Coastal Screens and Glass, Brian and Jayne Pearman, have always had a busy business.

Brian and Jayne admit they were not experts in running a business when they commenced operations in 2007, and as a result the business got out of hand and began to run them. Working long hours and feeling the stress, they were only just hanging on.

The couple signed up to a Regional Business Specialists seminar to help them regain control over their business – but were too busy to attend. This strengthened their resolve to start working on their business, not just in it, so they engaged Stuart Goodfellow as their business consultant.

The company grew steadily, implementing rapid production processes that ensure high quality products.

“We were feeling completely swamped and stressed before Stuart Goodfellow from Regional Business Specialists came to the rescue. His sensible solutions and logical advice have made our business a success and our lives so much easier. He has given us the confidence and the strategies to take back control of the business and we are finally finding it fun again. We don’t know where we would be without him.” 

Brian and Jayne Pearman, Coastal Screens and Glass

Lots of little changes make a big difference

Stuart took the time to get to know the business and provided practical plans and strategies to get them back on track. The business began running more smoothly immediately, with the financials reflecting initial improvements after only a few months.

Brian and Jayne continue to gain greater insight into their business during their business sessions with Stuart, while their ‘homework’ keeps them focused and motivated.

Stuart’s recommendations have resulted in improvements across all aspects of the business, from simplifying recruitment to implementing sensible work processes, as well as reducing stock levels and negotiating successfully with suppliers.

One simple suggestion has revolutionised the way they work, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing lead times, keeping the staff focused and motivated, and enabling longer term planning.

Regaining control to realise results

Brian and Jayne say the results have far exceeded their expectations and that they have built the business to the point where they could now use a bigger shed.

Since Stuart has been involved the business has seen productivity increase 130%, sales increase 113% and profitability increase 122%. Other benefits for the business include increased cash flow, more clients and streamlined operations.  It also meant they could take a five week holiday with the family and the business continued without them.

Brian and Jayne also benefited personally from Stuart’s consulting, improving their time management and organisational skills. The couple now have more time to spend with family, reduced their stress levels and are once again enjoying being in business.

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