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Are Your Customers Your Biggest Supporters?

Retaining your existing customer base is a far better option than putting in the work to generate a new one. Many regional companies allocate large sums of their budget towards advertising and marketing to lure in new customers but fail to spend much thought, time or funds on their current loyal customers. This creates the perfect environment for competitors to come into the market and take those customers. The realities are that customer behaviours vary. Some will be loyal and true to your business for life, others are fly-by-niters and will visit only once or twice never to be seen or heard from again. Let’s take a look at the life cycle of many regional customers: 1. Potential – They are a target customer and may be interested and/or willing to purchase from you 2. Prospect – You have done something that has created an interest in them for your business. They are not yet your customers, but they want to hear more from you. 3. Visitor – Your prospec Read more...

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What a Father and Son Trip Can Teach Us About Business

Last weekend I spent a fantastic time with my son on a Father/Son trip organised through his school. Much of the trip was good old fashioned boy fun, the dad’s told a few stories of what life was like when we were 15 years old – discipline, sports, no internet, and the odd story of fireworks and blowing up letterboxes. There were also some exercises that gave me pause for thought; both as a father and as a business coach. Some of the questions our sons were asked were, “What are the 3 most important things to you right now?” and “What are your priorities over the next year?” How often do we ask these questions of our loved ones? Probably not often enough (there, I have set you a goal). We know everyone wants to make more money and work less – that’s the universal desire I come across in almost all business owners, but what are your personal priorities? What is the outcome you want to achieve? Let’s say, “I want to free up more time to spend with my fami Read more...

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The 2 Intersecting Stands of Your Business DNA

Your body is made up of a unique set of 2 x DNA strands called a double helix. Just as your body has 2 strands of DNA, your business has its own unique set of attributes. Every business is different and every business owner is different. The 2 strands in your business is an intersection of the physical attributes of your business and what drives you as the business owner. It is where these 2 elements meet that defines the uniqueness of your business. Read more...

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