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How to make more money selling your business than running it

If you have ever considered selling your business and you want to get the best price for your business, this is the program for you. The Small Business Big Exit team will show you how to unlock the hidden potential of your business and increase its attractiveness to your potential buyer – helping you to make more money from selling your business, than running it.

The 3 Key Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

Firstly, they do not know how to strategically prepare themselves and their business for sale. Many either give their business broker a call and wish for the best, and are often disappointed.
Secondly, they do not know how to efficiently attract the right buyers, so they have little or no enquiries.
The third key challenge is that the small business owner does not know how to effectively negotiate and finalise the sale of their business, resulting in potential buyers walking away from the deal.
But, this does not need to be the case….

The Small Business 5 Step Program Gets Big Results…

1. Firstly, Purpose: You get to fully understand your motivation to sell, how much you need to sell your business for, what you are going to do in the next phase of your life, and specifically who will buy your business.

2. Peek comes next. You explore how to value your business in today’s market.

3. You then Prime your business to rapidly increase its value and its attractiveness to the buyer.

4. The fourth step is Promote. You work with the right tools, tips and techniques to attract the right buyers, with or without a broker.

5. And then Perform: You learn how to negotiate and facilitate the sale. This is your last sale ever, to your last customer. Your future depends on getting this right.

The ultimate prize of this program is that you will have a fully primed business for sale and be amongst the top 10% who can sell your business above market value, on your terms.

Your Next Steps…

i. Call us today and let’s get the conversation started

ii. Email to secure your seat at the next Big Exit Accelerator Day

iii. Email for your copy of the soon to be published book “Small Business Big Exit” AUD$25