UAV Vision

Regional Business Specialists Case Study


Stuart Goodfellow from Regional Business Specialists has instilled a positive enthusiasm right across our business, from management to sales staff. I have found his independent and professional advice indispensable. Something that might take me three hours to work through on my own can be solved in just ten minutes with Stuart.” 

Mike Bailey, Owner and CEO, UAV Vision

Putting it all on the line

UAV Vision produces and sells stabilised camera systems and accessories for manned and unmanned vehicles, servicing local and international markets from its base in Port Macquarie.

Owner Mike Bailey moved to Australia several years ago to establish UAV Vision, selling everything he had back in the UK to invest in the business.

Once the financial hurdles of setting up such a specialised and cutting edge business were overcome, the focus for UAV Vision shifted to research and development.

The company grew steadily, implementing rapid production processes that ensure high quality products.

An independent perspective

As the business began to achieve a return on investment, Mike attended a series of Regional Business Specialists seminars to look for ways to further fine-tune the business.

Impressed by the advice shared during the workshops, UAV Vision worked out a flexible consulting arrangement with Stuart Goodfellow to suit the unique needs of the business.

Stuart quickly became a trusted professional advisor and valuable sounding board, providing common sense solutions to a range of business challenges.

He brings an objective, independent perspective and highlights areas, which are often overlooked, where improvements can be made.

Strength to strength

Stuart’s independent advice helped the business employ the right sales team, and he provides ongoing, focused training for the sales crew.   After a recent Industry Field Day, Stuart asked Mike to give a score out of 10 for the impact the sales training had.  Mike gave 11 out of 10!

As well as developing and implementing an improved sales process, Stuart also coaches Mike on how to get the most from his staff through support and motivation.

At arm’s length, Stuart is able to shed new light on processes that may have been taken for granted, and suggest alternative strategies to improve business operations.

The business continues to grow from strength to strength with Stuart remaining an integral team member, helping Mike to prioritise those actions that will bring the most benefit to his business.